Fire Alert – Act Now


It’s been a long winter but summer is here again and it’s time to make sure that the perimeter area around your factory/workshop/premises is cleared of all combustible material. If you haven’t done it already get the long grass cut, remove any rubbish and scrap, clean out the gutters and generally have a good clean up outside (and inside.)

You should avoid stacking material, particularly pallets, in the open against the outside walls of your premises – there should be a separation of at least 3 metres between the outside walls and any pallets or other material which will burn. (Intruders love lighting up a stack of pallets when they get inside your perimeter fence at the week-end.)

Having a clean up outside will also discourage snakes, but be careful.

Whilst you’re about it have a good clean up inside, get rid of junk, scrap and rubbish.

Check your Evacuation Procedures which you should practice at least once a year with all employees.

Most fires have small beginnings and the best time to tackle them is in the first few
minutes – and of course, it is important that everyone knows:
• how to raise the alarm
• the location of extinguishers and hose reels
• what extinguisher to use on different types of fire
• how to use each type of extinguisher
• location of nearest fire exit/s
• the assembly area

Back Up your Computer Records and keep a duplicate set of data off site. (If you had a fire and lost all your accounts payable/receivable records, client lists, plans, drawings etc. how would this affect your business?)

Check that the Sums Insured on your Insurance Policies are Up to Date – also make sure your Loss of Profits/Consequential Loss policy sums insured reflect your true position.

And most important make sure your safety management system includes a section – Emergency Preparedness and Response – which contains the procedures, plans, maps, check lists etc. for use in the event of an emergency.

It is well known that 70% of businesses which suffer a major fire never re-open again – so don’t be one of the 70%ers.

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This material is advisory only and is not legal advice therefore before acting take professional legal counsel.


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